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From Monday 19th October all Home Learning will only be available on Google Classrooms (link is below). If you are having trouble accessing or need some support or help please contact me at


Many Thanks

Miss Marshall :) 

Phonics/Spelling for Group 4

Can you write your own mnemonic. For example because would be - Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants. Choose 2-3 words from the common exception word list.

English Work Wednesday 14th October 2020

Think back to the story we read on Monday. If you need to rewatch it there is a link below to a YouTube story of it. Can you write a letter to Dad telling him you miss him and asking him where he has gone. You can either type your letter into the document below or write it up on paper and upload or send me a picture. There are also some sentence starters attached below to help you if you are stuck.

Into the Forest by Anthony Browne

I do not own the copyright for the text or images. This video has been made for non-profit educational purposes.

We are going to revisit adding and taking away 10. Can you discuss what happens to the number when adding and subtracting 10? Remember the tens goes up or down by 10 and the ones stay the same. Use the number square attached to answer the following questions on the google form below. If you would like a challenge please complete the activity labelled challenge - this will need to be done on paper and a photo sent to me.


There is also a video to watch to help you understand subtracting 10.

Questions for Maths:

1. 43 + 10=
2. 21 + 10=
3. 66 + 10=
4. 84 + 10=
5. 37 + 10=
6. 99 - 10=

7. 73 - 10 =

8. 45 - 10=

9. 19 - 10 =

10. 26 - 10 =

Afternoon Work Wednesday 14th October 2020


RSHE: In RSHE with Miss Pomfret you have been talking about responsibilities and the rewards you get. Please can you create a list of your responsibilities and the rewards you might get for carrying out these responsibilities. For example Helping to keep your bedroom clean you might get some pocket money. Please complete in the document below or write it out and take a photo.

PE - Yoga

Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! Join Jaime on an adventure in yoga poses - as we help the Trolls bring happiness to the world! 🌈 Watch our videos ad-f...