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Home Learning Week Beginning 15th June

Hello Year 1, 


Miss Marshall here, Mrs Paice is now on her Maternity leave. I will let you know when baby arrives. Another week of home learning for those of you not at school! We have fully settled in now and got used to our new routines. 


I have some new home learning for you to complete below. Work through it during the week and I will add. Remember these are only suggestions and you don't have to complete all of it. If you would like to complete your own activities as well that is fine. 


I hope you have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine. If you go on a walk you could walk past the school and give us a wave. We are usually on the KS1 playground quite a lot.


It is Father's day on Sunday so I have attached some Father's day activities for you to do at home if you wish.


Miss Marshall and Mrs Clark

Catch It - ESMA 2015

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English - Complete the activity where the video is paused and you have questions to answer. Read and copy your spellings.

Maths - Catch it Maths Challenge - how many different fruit combinations can you make? 

Reading - Read for 20 minutes - choose your own book. Read your phonics flash cards.


English - Point of view activity and wordsearch. Read and say your spellings, cover them and have a go at spelling them. 

Maths - Refection activity (but be careful not to draw two tails). 

Reading - Read a short story and write your own questions that you could ask one of the characters. Complete a phonics activity linked to your spelling pattern. 


English - Could you write your own verb (doing word) poem?  Practise your spellings. 

Maths - Complete the addition on a number line activity below. 

Reading - Read a story and then choose a character and write a description of them or you could draw a picture and label it too. You could listen to one of the past story times to do this too. 


English - What fruits do you know with seeds? Can you draw and label some of them? Could you extend this by writing a description of them.  

Maths - Complete activity on missing number problems below. 

Reading - Write a blurb for a book. Read your spelling flash cards. 


English - Catch it picture description sentences and/or complete a comic strip for the story. Complete your spelling test. 

Maths - Play 20-30 minutes on Sumdog or Times Table Rockstars. Or practise your times tables.

Reading - Read for 20 minute to an adult or Punctuation challenge- look at the books you have at home or look online at your local library - can  you find books with the following in the title:

5 book titles featuring an exclamation mark

4 book titles featuring a question mark

3 book titles featuring a hyphen

2 book titles featuring a comma

1 book title featuring brackets? 



Science and Foundation Subjects

You could also complete a few different activities each day from the rainbow links.