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Ideas for the week beginning the 30th March 2020

Good Morning. I hope you are all well and had a relaxed weekend together. 


I have attached some ideas for Home Learning activities this week. Can I please stress that these are just some ideas and are there for you to use as you wish. There is no pressure for you to do all of them. The most important thing at the moment is that your child is happy, feels safe and is having fun.
Be realistic about what you can do. You're not expected to become teachers and your children aren't expected to learn as they do in school. Simply providing your children with some structure at home will help them to adapt.
Every day is different! If your timetable doesn’t work don’t despair – take a break and try again the
next day.
Take care of your own health and wellbeing. This will be new for your entire household, so give it
time to settle. 
Create and stick to a routine if you can. This is what children are used to. 
Involve your children in setting the timetable where possible. It’s a great opportunity for them to
manage their own time better and it’ll give them ownership
Check in with your children and try to keep to the timetable, but be flexible. If a task/activity is
going well or they want more time, let it extend where possible
If you have more than 1 child at home, consider combining their timetables. For example, they
might exercise and do maths together – see what works for your household
Stick the timetable up on the wall so everyone knows what they should be doing when, and tick
activities off throughout the day. 

Mrs Nye and I are home schooling our children and working at the same time and so are focusing on staying calm, happy and relaxed about what we can achieve each day. We are all in the same boat. We are here if you need any help or support.

Here are some useful websites that are mentioned in the Home Learning activities for the week beginning the 30th March 2020.


Take care, 


Miss Pomfret, Ms Gibson, Mrs Zimmatore and Mrs Sullivan