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Ideas for week beginning the 29th June 2020

Good Morning Nursery, 


How was your weekend? The weather was sunny one minute and then pouring with the rain the next. Did you get caught in the rain?  We did make it out for a walk to the Aquadrome, one of our favourite places to go and we watched the ducks and their babies. We went very early in the morning and it was very quiet. We  also went for a bike ride and got caught in the rain! frown


This week we would really like you to focus on your keyring words. There are 12 lists and our hope is that the majority of children are able to read all lists by the time they leave Nursery. I will list them all below and you can access them at your leisure either this week or in the coming weeks. If your child is able to read all lists confidently and consistently then please do e mail. 


Keyring word lists - 


List 1 a, at, as, it, is, an, in, am

List 2 sat, pat, tap, sap, sit, mat, 

List 3 pit, tip, pip, sip,nip, pan 

List 4 pin, tin, tan, nap, man, mam

List 5 map, Pam, Sam, Tim, dad, and 

List 6 sad, dim, dip, din, did, Sid 

List 7 tag, gig, nag, gag, gap, sag

List 8 gas, dig, not, pig, got, pot

List 9 top, God, pop, dog, mog can 

List 10 cat, cap, cod, cot, cop, on

List 11 kick, sock, huff, puff, doll, tell 

List 12 hack, off, kiss, hiss, mess, fill 


The children should also be able to recognise each of the phase 2 tricky words they have been looking at over the last few weeks. 


Please e mail me or message me on Tapestry if I can help with anything and I will be sure to e mail you as soon as I am able to. 


Take care and virtual high fives to all in Nursery, 


Miss Pomfret, Ms Gibson, Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Zimmatore. smiley