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W/c 15 June

Week Commencing 15th June, 2020


Hello, Year 5!


What wonderful weather this weekend! I hope you got to get out and enjoy a little bit of sunshine. Summer is definitely here!


This week I will be returning to school every day to look after the year 1 class. That means you can still email me on the year 5 email address but it might take me a little longer than usual to reply. It will be so strange having to go in and adapt to the new rules at the school!


I am sure you have already heard the news that the government has decided that not all year levels will be returning to school. That means you lovely year 5 students will not be coming back for the rest of this year. But it means that everyone is making sure that your safety is the top priority.


I have uploaded a whole bunch of work to get through this week. Remember, these are only suggestions and you are more than welcome to do your own activities but please send them in so I can see! I really am missing you all. 


Sunday is Father's Day and I have uploaded some cards you can make for your Dad or another loved one if you would like to.


Enjoy the rest of the week,

Miss Radha 🌻

The Story of Rosa Parks

Art Activities

Art Activities 1 Please ignore the dates on this!

Bugs In a Jar Art


Go into your garden, or while you are on a walk, and take notice of all the different kinds of bugs you might find. You may want to photograph them to have a look later. 


Imagine what it would be like to capture these bugs in your jar. What would they do? Would they fly around near the lid? Or would they crawl on the glass? Or would they just sit pleasantly on the bottom of the jar?


Using your memory or the photos you took, do a little bit of research and find out some things about the bugs you have found. You may want to tell me an interesting fact about them, you might find out what their habitat looks like, what they eat or where they like to build their homes.


Draw me a picture of the bugs you saw in your jar. You may choose one bug and draw what you would put in the jar to help it feel safe, or you may choose to draw all the buys you find. Have fun!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Zentangle Art

Zentangle Art 1 Instructions!
Zentangle Art 2
Zentangle Art 3
Zentangle Art 4