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W/c 22 June

Awesome Work from Last Week

Week Commencing 22nd June


Good morning year 5,


I hope you all had a brilliant week last week! I will be at school again this week. My class is a mixture of children from reception, year 1, 2 AND 3! It was an interesting week last week and very different from what we are used to.


It was excellent to see you all on zoom again on Thursday, and hopefully, we will see more of you online this week. 


Thank you so much to those who have been sending their work in. It's so lovely to see you all working your hardest. Speaking of, DB from our class has made an incredible video which is posted below. It' is super creative, funny and has awesome lyrics! Please have a look at it below. And if you feel inspired, maybe you could make a video as well! :) 


I have uploaded more work for this week. There are some sheets on Juneteenth which is an American celebration which just recently passed and another about an important person in black history. Please remember that they are only suggestions and you are more than welcome to do your own work at home too! 


I hope you have an incredible week,

Miss Radha 🌻


P.s if anyone has any ideas of games we could play or games you would like to play on zoom please let me know through our email!

Crazy Time by DB

STEM Prompts

Art Activities

Art Activities 1 Please ignore the dates!

Design Your Own Egyptian Crown


Access the link below to read a little about Egyptian God's Crowns.


Use the pdf to find templates to design new Egyptian God's Crowns. 

Matchbox Art

Matchbox Art 1
Matchbox Art 2
Matchbox Art 3
Matchbox Art 4

Coat-of-Arms Art


Historically speaking, a coat of arms is a design on the shield of a medieval knight. The design was unique to an individual. Sometimes, the individual only had rights to the coat of arms during his lifetime. Other times, he was allowed to pass it down to his descendants, and it became the family coat of arms. As time went on, some nations and even corporations adopted their own coats of arms. The symbols on a coat of arms are meant to represent the achievements of the person, state, or corporation to whom or which the arms were granted.


The first documented use of coats of arms in medieval times is on the Bayeux Tapestry, which dates from the 11th century A.D. and chronicles the Norman invasion of England. 


Could you design a coat-of-arms for you and your family? Think of the amazing achievements that your family has or values that are strong in your family. Include these in your coat-of-arms!


Examples of Coat-of-Arms

Examples of Coat-of-Arms 1
Examples of Coat-of-Arms 2
Examples of Coat-of-Arms 3

Draw a Poke Ball Surprise