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Week Beginning 22nd June

Hello Year 2, 


Another week has passed. I am missing you all lots! This week is going to very hot so see if you can spend some time outside too.


I have some new home learning for you to complete below. Work through it during the week and I will add. Remember these are only suggestions and you don't have to complete all of it. If you would like to complete your own activities as well that is fine. 


I hope you have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine. If you go on a walk you could walk past the school and give us a wave. We are usually on the KS1 playground quite a lot.


Miss Marshall, Mrs Carpenter and Ms Malin

Caterpillar Shoes | Sweet rhyming bedtime story for kids!

We hope you like Caterpillar Shoes, a sweet, rhyming bedtime story about a kindly caterpillar who decides to give his beloved shoes away to his woodland frie...


English - Before watching the video ask the children to discuss what insects they know of – how many can they name? Can they describe a caterpillar? What is it? What does it do? What does it become? Etc.

Watch the film pausing to discuss the questions with your child. You do not need to record this.

Maths - Complete the stick insects worksheet. 

Reading -  Can you find a book at home you haven't read before (or one online at the library). Look at the front cover and make a prediction about what might happen. 


English - Whose shoes activity and word search. 

Maths - Caterpillar Shoes shape refection and maze worksheets. 

Reading - Select a book with your family and take turns reading it aloud together.


English - Complete a comic strip about the story. 

Maths - Complete the maths activities on describing movement below. 

Reading - Create a reading fort in the living room and snuggle up inside with a good book.


English -  Complete the point of view activity. Imagine that you are the shiny beetle. Answer the questions. 

Maths - Complete activity on describing turns. 

Reading - Write an alternative ending to your favorite book! 


English - Choose whether you would like to be the beetle or the flea. Write a thank you letter to the caterpillar OR Complete the unfortunate fly activity.

Maths - Play 20-30 minutes on Sumdog or Times Table Rockstars. Or practise your times tables.

Reading - Read for 20 minute to an adult or read a fact book or article about a city in the world you would love to visit!

Science and Foundation Subjects

You could also complete a few different activities each day from the rainbow links.