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Green House

Motto: "Work together and we shall succeed. Together, we will lead to victory."

                                                                    - written by Safiyah


Chant: Green is best, 

           So let's put it to the test.

           We've got another quest,

            We're the Green team!  - written by Bethany


Mascot:  Stag Green - created by Bailey


Red House


Motto: "Together as one makes us the best team ever."

                                                  - written by Lucy, Naya and Nancie


Chant:  R..  E... D..!

            You and me!

            Working together for victory!

                             - written by Rhys, Jack T and Beau


Mascot: Rosaline Reddy - created by Fairy

Yellow House


Motto: "If you can dream it, you can achieve it."

                                                  - written by Emily


Chant:  Hey! Ho!

            Go Yellow!

            We make honey!

            Go! Go! Go!

                             - written by Ben


Mascot: Bumble the Bee- created by Lois

Blue House


Motto: "Learn and play having fun."

                                - written by Sarvanaman


Chant:  Blue! Blue!

            We are great!

            Let's get points and celebrate!

                             - written by Maia


Mascot: George the Gorilla - created by Maija

Applications for House Captains and Deputies are open! If you are interested, click the link below do see the Job Description!
 Coming soon..... House Competitions!