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What's been happening at St Meryl this week?

  • Autumn Term Week 6

    Mon 04 Oct 2021


     We were so excited to invite parents into the hall to see Reception Class present the first class assembly of the year, and what an assembly it was. For us older people, it is quite easy to forget how nerve-wracking standing at the front of a crowded room can be. However, the longer the assembly went on, the more confident the children became. So confident were they at the end, that they performed a reprise of the Months Song! 

    Well done, Reception! Our first Class Assembly since March 2020!!! 

  • Autumn Term Week 5

    Mon 27 Sep 2021

     A busy week at St Meryl! Yet more children in Year 1 sent to the Head Teacher to show their ever-improving handwriting and story writing skills. 

    Spiders have visited Nursery! Not only was art created of our Arachnid friends, but they also had time to make some edible ones! 

    Rocksteady kicked back in this week as well - with 2 drummers in one of the bands this year, we are going to be well and truly turned up to 11!

    Finally, Year 6 crept in with some suspense stories. Enough to send shivers down any spine!

  • Autumn Term Week 4

    Mon 20 Sep 2021

     This week - a focus on the Makaton Champions. 

    Makaton Champs are 2 (or sometimes more) members of each class, who meet each week with Miss Wenzel to learn a new sign or two. During Friday Assemblies, they all stand up and teach the whole school their sign. This week, the sign was for "Thank you". 

    The Makaton Champs received their badges in assembly this week. Here, you see some of our youngest Makaton Champions. 

     Thanks to Miss Wenzel, for leading this wonderful group of children. We have big aspirations this year - maybe even singing a song in Harvest Assembly using Makaton!

  • Autumn Term Week 3

    Fri 17 Sep 2021

     This week, pupils in Year 6 gave presentations for House Captains, which will be voted on later in the week. 

     It was our first Sharing Assembly! This week is was the turn of Early Years and Key Stage 1. Nursery sang to as all about the manners they have learnt this week, Reception showed off their PE skills, Year 1 showed yet more tremendous writing and Year 2 invited us to their bug hotels. 

     Friday also marked Jeans for Genes day. We raised £185.80 for this fantastic cause - to assist those who are living with genetic disorders, and to also raise awareness of the challenges that are faced. Thank you, St Meryl.

  • Autum Term Week 2

    Fri 10 Sep 2021

     Week 2 saw the pupils back into the swing of things, and catching up on lost time. Some of us worked on our handwriting skills (which will be a focus for all of us over the next few weeks), and Mr D was even asked to come and see the progress that children had made. We welcomed back Coach George - and this year Nursery and Reception get to take part in PE sessions as well!

    The week ended with Year 6 giving presentations for Head Boy and Head Girl. 

  • Autumn Term Week 1

    Fri 03 Sep 2021

     Historic times at St Meryl! After so much anticipation, and over 16 months between this time and the last, we all got to be together in the hall for our first assembly. Children settled in very quickly for the 2 days of the week that they were in for - and all teachers were so happy to see everyone. We also had a look at a new addition to out school - 178 solar panels that were put up over the summer holidays. Although we haven't quite figured out how to read them properly, we have learnt how they work, and the benefits to our school from them!

  • 11th June

    Fri 11 Jun 2021

     Well... first week of Summer 2, and things certainly heated up! Some wonderful, creative learning was witnessed by all who visited. 

    This week's highlights:

    - A proud mathematician, who mastered finding a third of amounts.

    - A  session of Olympic-themed activities (relays and handball). 

    - Some Year 2 self-portraits (imagined if they were monsters).

    - The return of Mr Joyce and Outdoor Learning (hooray!!).

    - A special treat to the staff from our Governors for working hard this week (#bestgovernorsintheworld)

    - The inaugural St Meryl Robot Olympics - Event 1: The 2x25 metres slalom; Event 2: The 2x50 metres robot relay. Spheros and coding put to magnificent use. 

  • May 21st 2021

    Fri 21 May 2021

     Not as many photographs to share this week as normal, as pupils completed some assessments for Reading and Maths. 

     Amongst these challenges, there was still time for...

     A visit to Year 5 from Rachel, who is training to be a vicar - part of their RE studies, and some excellent knowledge gained. Rachel was impressed with the standard of questions from the pupils.

     A study in Picasso-style art in Year 3. This particular piece earnt this aspiring artist a Star of the Week award. 

     Musical fusion created yet again in Reception - their "supply teacher" felt that it was time to investigate the new percussion instruments. Big Bear Funk has never sounded so vibrant. 

     Our esteemed House Captains announce the winning house points this week (back to back wins for Red House - the first time in many months). 

     Finally, the Makaton Champions teach the school signs for the seasons this week. Weather-wise, probably not great timing to talk about summer!

  • 14th May 2021

    Fri 14 May 2021

     The Dining Room is reopen!! This may seem like such a small thing, but for our Reception children, they have have never eaten in there before. So we thought that we would give then the Dining Room all to themselves for Monday and Tuesday. Word quickly got around, and by Wednesday Year 1 got involved. By Thursday and Friday Year 2 joined in the fun as well. The sound of children eating together is another thing that we took for granted pre-March 2020, but we welcomed it with open arms!

     In other news... 3 authors from Nursery wowed with their latest efforts. 

     - The entries to the Panini Football Classroom Challenge have been scanned and sent in. Fingers crossed. 

    - A Year 2, that's right - Year 2, pupil was sent to me to inform me of how photosynthesis helps plants grow. 

    - Year 3 have been learning about Ramadan, and created these wonderful designs. 

    - A Year 5 child painted this beautiful water colour picture in the style of artist Georgia O'Keefe. 

     Finally, as part of our 70th Anniversary, I have pooled together some archived photographs, and some that have been sent to me. As restrictions have been eased, feel free to come in to the reception area and have a look! You may even spot a younger version of yourself in some of the photos, or even learn a bit of history that you did not previously know. 

    If you do have any pictures/ stories/ information that you think we'd find useful, then please send them to

  • 7th May 2021

    Fri 07 May 2021

     Some more very proud children this week! Firstly, some phonics experts in Nursery, who have been showing some extra huge resilience with their teachers. Their proud expressions say it all, really. 

     Year 4 continue to persevere with learning ukulele chords - this week the difficult chord of G was the focus - a very important addition to the C and F chords to ensure that "Three Little Birds" can be enjoyed as it should. 

     A year 3 pupil showed some incredible advances in his handwriting. Keep up the good work! A year 1 pupil has really taken to enjoying his reading at school and at home. How great to see yet another child's love of books. 

     As this year is our 70th Anniversary, we are asking far and wide for ex-pupils and teachers to provide us with memories and photographs from yesteryear. Mr Reddin managed to track down the original plans of the school! They are in a fragile state, but very interesting to compare the plans from 1949 to what school looks like now! 

     Finally, some Year 1 pupils displayed some robotic programming skills by controlling the Spheros - we even opened the outdoor classroom for the first time since March 2020 to do the lesson!