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Year 3 (almost Year 4!)

Hello Year 3 (almost Year 4!)


Summer 2020


Mr Walker here. I hope that you all have a great summer! The most important thing is to relax, have fun and get ready to learn back in school in September. I am really looking forward to having you all in Year 4!


Enjoy the holidays and get ready for school in September. Do keep practising your times tables and read as often as you can. Below are some learning ideas:


Times tables challenges are set on Sumdog for each week of the holidays.


Year 3 - Maths and English revision booklets - soft copies of these are available below.


Online reading books can be found on - this is free to register and the ebooks are the same as those we have in school. Search by age or colour band.


The NRICH website is also great for an extra challenge -


If you are seeking online lessons there are lots of super ones on Oak National Academy -


There are resources to help with spelling on the Year 4 class page (Grammar & Spelling Part 4). The letterjoin website ( is good for practising handwriting and also spelling/phonics. Instructions for logging on can be found on the front page of the Weekly Activity documents on the Year 4 class page.


To save ink and paper see if you can complete the activities without printing them out. Using an exercise book or pad for maths and English would help with this.


See you in September!


Mr Walker



Monday 6th July

Hi everybody, hope you have had a good weekend. This will be the last week of homeschooling for most and looking forward to seeing you all whether you are in my bubble or someone else's. You have all worked so hard during this time and I am so proud of you all. 

Monday:  -English Hamilton home learning week 12 day 1

                 Maths:- Shape worksheets

                 History:- Research who drove the Romans out of Britain. 

Tuesday:-  English Hamilton home learning week 12 day 2

                  Maths:- Shape worksheets

                   Geography:- compass directions.

Wednesday:- English Hamilton learning week 12 day 3

                   Maths:- shape worksheets.

                   Science:- Food group worksheet

Thursday:- EnglishHamilton learning week 12 day 4

                  Maths:- Multiplication triangle worksheet / practice your 3, 4 and 8 times tables both

                  multiplication and division factors. 


Monday 29th June

Good morning Year 3 great to see so many of you on our zoom meeting last week. Thank you for those of you who have been sending in your work to me, it is great to see. You are all doing a great job with your learning. Looking forward to seeing you all soon in school.  Remember to look on Sum dog for challenges set. Practice your times tables both multiplication and division facts. Remember to read for at least 10 minutes every day.

Monday:-English Hamilton Learning week 11 day 1

               Maths:- complete on of the sheets below

               History:- Research about Roman food and complete the menu sheet.

Tuesday:-English Hamilton  learning week 11 day 2

                Maths :- complete one of the sheets below.

                Science:- Complete the sheet about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores.

Wednesday: English:- Hamilton learning week 11 day 3

                   Maths :- complete on of the sheets below.

                  Geography:- coordinates sheet.

Thursday:-English:- Hamilton learning week 11 day 4

                 Maths:- complete one of the sheets below.


Monday 22nd June.

Welcome back Year 3 after the weekend. The weather looks to be really good for next week so hopefully you can get out and do lots of exercise. It was great to see you all again on zoom last week. I really look forward to seeing and speaking to you then. I have seen some really great work going on from you so keep up the good work. Don't forget if you want to enter St Meryl's got talent then send me your videos to our class address.

Monday :-English spellings from the statutory list for years 3 and 4 

  quarter, calendar, describe, experience, height, length, particular, probably, remember, strength.

               Hamilton home learning Pack Week 10 day 1

              Maths:- Look at the activities below and do one.

              History:-look at the sheet about Roman Gods

Tuesday:-English Hamilton home learning pack week 10 day 2

               Maths:-Activity sheets below.

               Geography:-Where does my food come from powerpoint presentation.

Wednesday:-English:- Hamilton learning pack week 10 day 3.

                   Maths:- Activity sheets below.

                   Science:- Balanced diet sheet.

Thursday:- English Hamilton home learning pack week 10 day 4

                 Maths:- Activity sheets below.

                 Art:- Draw a picture of a famous Roman landmark.Try draw with Rob

Friday:-English Hamilton home learning pack week 10 day 5

            Maths:- Activity sheets below.


Monday 15th June

Hi, Year 3, hope you have had a good weekend, the weather has been great. It was great to see so many of you on zoom last week and hear what you have been doing. Thank you for sharing your home learning with me, please continue to send me your work so I can see what you have been doing. Next week I will be in school working with the Year 1 class so won't be checking my e-mails so much during the day.


Monday:- English:-New spelling list from the statutory word list for Years 3 and 4

                recent, complete, consider, certain, continue, experience, question, regular, surprise, interest.

                Hamilton English home pack week 9 day 1 (see attachments below)

                Maths:- watch the BBC bitesize video about decimals.Recording tenths as decimal numbers

                History:-Watch the BBC bitesize videos about Roman baths and life in Roman Britain. Write a

                diary entry about your life in Roman Britain. Write some notes about how they heated their 


Tuesday:- English:-Hamilton English home pack week 9 day 2

                Maths:- Place value with decimal numbers.

                Geography:- Why do we have different foods at different times of the year?

                Can we get food which isn't in season. Why or why not?

                If it is out of season where does it come from?

Wednesday:- English:- Hamilton home learning pack week 9 day 3

                   Maths:- Place value with decimals.

                   Science:- Complete the worksheet about the main organs in the body.

Thursday:- English:- Hamilton home learning pack week 9 day 4

                  Maths:- Place value with decimals. Rounding decimals

                  Art:- Have a go at creating a picture using this technique cross hatching.

                 Father's Day on Sunday so you could create a card for your Dad.

                  Computing:- Look at hour of code. Choose 1 game to play.

Friday:- English Hamilton home learning pack week 9 day 5

              Maths:- Place value with decimals. Rounding decimals.

              Religion:- Complete the mind map about Rosa Parks.

Monday 8th June

Welcome back after the weekend. Hope you have some rest and been outside, it was great to see so many of you on our zoom meeting last week. Please look on Sum dog for the challenges and remember to read at least 10 minutes everyday to an adult if possible.

Monday :- English:- Hamilton home learning pack week 8 day one. (see link below) 

                 Spelling words for this week. Homophones 1)heel 2) heal 3) he'll 4) groan 5) grown 6) rain

                 7) reign 8) plain 9) plane. Look up any words you don't know and write sentences for each.

                 Maths:- Money worksheets (see below)

                 History:- Romans worksheets (see below) Watch some videos from BBC bitesize History KS2      

                 about the Romans. Look at the learning pack below. What did the Romans use as toilet paper?    Research what the Romans  gave us the we still have today to do with hygiene.

Tuesday :-English :- Hamilton home learning pack week 8 day 2

                 Maths:- Money worksheets (see below)

                 Geography:-Have a look at the link below with food and where does it come from. Have

                 a look in your cupboards at home and research and make a list of where the foods come from.

Wednesday:-English:- Hamilton home learning pack week 8 day 3

                     Maths:-  Money worksheets (see below)

                    Science:-Research and write a paragraph about how the  3 kinds of rocks are formed.

Thursday:- English :- Hamilton home learning pack week 8 day 4

                  Maths:- Money worksheets (see below)

                  Art:- Have a look at the you tube videos about drawing a person in proportion. have a go at 

                  drawing a figure.

                  Computing:- Have a look at hour of code.

Friday:- English :- Hamilton home learning pack week 8 day 5.

             Maths:- worksheets on 10 X greater and 10 X smaller.

              Religion:- Look at the information about Christianity and Islam. Make a poster comparing the 

              main differences and similarities.






Monday 1st June


Hi there Year 3, I hope you are all well and had a good half term holiday. It has been such great weather this week and I hope you have all been able to enjoy it, but been safe with hats on and sun lotion. I really enjoyed our zoom meetings and it has been great to see you all there. As you know some children will return to school this week, but not all. Here is this weeks home learning links for Year 3. Please remember to send in some of your work for me to check and give feedback. I enjoy seeing your learning that you have been doing at home.

Look at the links below for English, Maths, Science and Geography. In Maths we would begin to link at adding and subtracting money. Science the topics are rocks and animals including humans. Geography is looking at where our food comes from and how it gets to us .In history we will continue with Romans. Please remember to practice your times tables and related division facts, 3, 4's and 8's. Look at sum dog for new challenges set this week. Remember to read every day for at least 15 minutes.


 Monday 18th May

 Hi Year 3, hope you have a good weekend. Thank you for all the great work that you have been sending in. I really enjoy seeing all the work that you have been doing at home. It was great to see so many of your faces on the zoom meeting last Thursday and to hear your voices.

Mr Walker has put the 10 best photographs  on the home learning page and you are asked to vote.

To vote - please click on the link below and select your First, Second and Third place photographs by completing the survey. If you have any difficulties with the survey, please email me (Mr Walker) your top 1, 2 and 3 at - voting will finish at the end of Tuesday 19th May.

This is the last week before the half term break.

English:-Look at the links below, spellings for this week are listed there. 

Maths:- Learn the rhyme about the number of days in each month and write it out in your best cursive handwriting. This weeks lessons are all about the days, months and  years.

Begin if you haven't already to practice your 8 times table this week and ask a grown up to test you.

Please look on Sum dog for the challenges that I have set. Would be great if more of you could complete the challenges. 

History:-Look at the Romans addition to the calendar. What months have been added, how many days were there. Research about St Albans, what was it called? What evidence of Romans can we find around Britain still today? Have. look at the link from last week called Ancient Rome History for kids Fun facts. Look what life was like for Roman children, did they go to school, what language did they speak?


Tuesday:-Science:- Look at the link below about different kinds of rocks.

Thursday:- Continue with your English and maths.

Geography:- Look at the geography links below about maps and coordinates.


 Monday 11th May

Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend. It was great to walk around and see all the flags out to celebrate VE Day and the street parties. 

Thank you all to these who have sent in nature photographs, they are amazing. Thank you for all the amazing work you have been doing at home with your learning, it has been great to see it.

There is a new competition on Sum dog so let’s see if we can do as well as we did in the last one.


English:- Spellings for this week. The rule issuing apostrophes for contractions.  I'll, I've, you've, hadn't, can't, isn't, they're, you're, aren't, I'm. 

 Write out the full words for these contractions and use them in sentences. 

Continue to read every day for at least 10 minutes.

Maths:-Look at some long multiplication problems and Sum dog

History:-Watch the BBC bitesize video called 'What did the Romans do for us?' Look at the link, choose two things that the Romans gave us and complete a small project on them.


 Tuesday 12th May

English:-Look at the English links below. Day 2

Maths:- Look at the link about days and months below and Sum dog.

Science:-Magnetism experiment (if you don't have a magnet maybe you can look up this experiment)


Wednesday 13th May

English :-Look at the English link below Day 3

Maths:-Begin to look at the multiplication and division workbook.

Art:-Have a look at one of the art activities below.


Thursday 14th May

English:-Look at the English link below day 4

Maths:- Continue with the multiplication and division workbook if not finished.

Look at the time worksheets links below. 

Computing:- Look at Hour of code.


Friday 15th May

English:-Look at the English link below day 5

Ask an adult to test you on your spellings.

Maths:-Year 3 Arithmetic test paper 1

Religion:-Look at the link below.

Wednesday 6th May

Please remember to send any work you have done on V.E day to me for Mr Davies assembly on Thursday.

Remember to carry on reading every day for 15 minutes.


Here  is the link to the handwriting competition if you are interested, there is still plenty of time to enter.

Week beginning 4th May

Hope you all had a good weekend and managed to relax and get out. Another week of home learning. Congratulations to all of you, I have seen some great work from you and enjoy seeing what you have been doing at home. This week on Friday is VE Day so there will be no work set for Friday, you can celebrate at home. Some of your work this week though will be based on VE Day because if we we at school we would do some work on this, it is an important part of British history. 

Monday 4th May

Here are this weeks spellings :-Spelling rule is adding 'ly' Fantastically, weekly, freely, magically, lately, carelessly, steadily, simply, cuddly, tragically.

 Remember the rules for adding ly to words. Use these words and write sentences for them.

English:- Look at week 4 day 1 from the link below.




Tuesday 5th May

English:-Look at week 4 day 2 from the link below.

Maths:-Practise your 8 times table this week. Look at the pattern that it is double the 4 times table.


(This can be done on several days)


Wednesday 6th March

English:-Look at week 4 day 3




Thursday 7th May

English:-Look at week 4 day 4 from the Hamilton English home learning pack.

Maths:-Look at a video called maths antics long division to help.

History: Look at some war time recipes and have a go at making some food.

Week beginning 27th April


 Hope  you all had a good weekend and ready to begin a new week of learning. It has been great to see all the work you have ben doing. keep sending it in. Remember the Sum dog competition ends on the 30th of April so you still have time. Well done those of you who have already participated.

Please continue to send your work to me at the class address

Monday :- English Here are the new spelling words for this week. The spelling rule is adding the suffix   


 quickly, happy, happily, humbly, humble, simply, funny, funnily, basically, frantically.


 SPAG:-Adding ly, the rule to learn is that if the root word ends in the letter 'y' the 'y' is changed to an 'i'

             If the root word ends in 'le' ,the 'le' is changed to 'ly'

             If the root word ends with 'ic', then 'ally'  is added rather than just 'ly' 

Add ly to these words and then write a sentence 1) close 2) luck 3) dramatic 4) nice 5) late 6) gentle 7) brave 

Can you find some other words to add to the list.

Maths :



Queen Mothers Handwriting Competition.  The closing date for this is 22nd May 2020. More details to follow.Remember you can also use letter join to practice your handwriting.




Tuesday 28th April


English:-Learning at home packs for English. Look at Week 3 if the link doesn't work.


Remember when you add 'ly'  it changes the verb into an adverb

Reading 15 minutes a day



Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 3. Well done for everyhting you have done so far.


Continue with Sum dog, there is a new challenge there for you, also the competition diesn’t close till the 30th of April so you still have time, well done to those who have.

English:-Hamilton home learning year 3 English. If you look at Week 3 day 2.

Art:- Look at some pictures of Roman mosaics and then create your own.



Thursday 30th April

The last day of April. Well done Year 3, I am so proud when I heard we are 4th  on the leader board for the Sum dog competition. There is still time to do it today to see if we can make it into the top 3.Have  a great day everyone. Keep looking at Sum dog and practicing your times tables.

English:- Hamilton home learning English year 3 week 3 day 3 activities.

Maths:- Here are some multiplication problems for you to try 1a is the easiest sheet, 1c is the hardest.


Friday 1st May

English:-Hamilton Home Learning Pack.English year 3.Week 3 day 4

Maths:- Here are three worksheets on dividing by grouping. The first one is the easiest.

This week would have been STEM week in school so if you want to do some science experiments that can be done at home, create and build something.

You could look at some hour of code games.

Have a good weekend



Thursday 23rd of April

Thank you for all the great work you have been doing so far, it has been lovely to see all the things you have been learning at home. Check out Sum dog for the new competition which finishes on the 30th of April. 


Week beginning 20th April.

Hi there everybody, hope you have had a good Easter holiday. Welcome back to home school, looking forward to hearing from you all this week.Remember the e-mail address is

It has been so great to see all the work that you have completed while at home. Please keep sending it in and keep up the good work.Mr Davies’ assemblies can be found either on the school pages or YouTube. He asked people to day to write one word for their Easter, mine would be rest.


On the bbc bite size website there are daily lessons which you may like to have a look at.Also this Wednesday the 22nd if April is Earth day so you might want to make a poster for that.


Our new topics for History and Geography are Romans and Where food comes from.

In science we will be looking at forces and magnets.


Maths:- In maths we will be looking at using the column method of multiplication.First look at multiplication with no regrouping then looking at multiplication with regrouping.Keep practicing your times tables both multiplication factors and division factors. 

There are some new challenges on Sum dog for you to complete also check out times tables rock stars.


English:- Free writing about your Easter.

Use these words and make a chart adding the suffixes below.For example hopeful, hoping,hopeless,hopefully,hopes, hoped.

hope, care, share, stop, hop, smile, use,slip. ( remember the spelling rules for adding suffixes)

New spellings for this week:- spelling rule is adding ed, ing, s, es ness, ful, less and ly

hope, hoping, clapping, smiling, baking, hugging, slipping, hopefully, phoning, useful.Ask a grown up to test you at the end of the week and send me the results.

Reading:- Remember to do at least 15 minutes of reading a day, this can be a magazine, comic, book or  on line book.


History:- Research and write down 10 facts about the Romans. Try and see the link from the Iron Age (celts) to the Romans.Draw a time line for the Romans.

Watch some videos from BBC bite size KS2 History Roman Empire.

Why did the Romans invade Britain?


Science:- Find some facts about magnets and forces.


Art:-If you look out you might see some trees with beautiful blossom on them.Create a cherry tree blossom tree


Religion:- Write a list of rules that you have in your family. Why is it important to have rules in a family? What rules do we have to follow at the moment? Ramadan begins on Thursday. Research and write down the traditions associated with it.



I look forward to seeing more of the great work you are doing. Remember to exercise and get some fresh air. Look after yourselves.  

Mrs Koljonen and Mrs Pegg.



 Last day before you start your ‘Easter holiday’. Well done for all the work you have completed and sent to me these last two weeks. I have received some great pieces of work and it has been wonderful to see all the learning that you have been doing at home.It has been really difficult to choose a star of the week, you are all stars. You can still send me pictures of things you do during the holiday, could be a short video 

or pictures. I wish you and your families a great Easter.🐣 Please send me a short message if you haven’t already just saying how you are doing.

Here are a few webpages with Easter activities that you could visit,  but not necessary. Have two weeks of relaxing and having fun. ( story of Easter)

Make hot cross buns.

Have an  Easter egg hunt.


Corona Virus time capsule. This could be something good to do to keep memories of what this time was like.


Monday 30th March

Hope you have all had a good weekend. It has been great to see all the work that you have completed so far in your home learning. Keep up the good work this week. I hope you all managed to do your spelling test on Friday with an adult. You have some new ones for this week as well. Please continue to practice times tables and log onto Sumdog. There are challenges set for you to try and complete.

Please send me an e-mail message this week just to make contact to say hi and how things are going. I have received some messages and work which is great. It would be great to see more of you logged onto Sumdog each day and completed games and challenges set. 


Mrs Koljonen



Here are a few ideas of activities you could do this week

History:- Watch some BBC bite size videos about the Stone Age/ Bronze Age and Iron Age. 

                Complete a chart showing 10 facts about the Stone Age, 10 facts about the Bronze Age and 10 

                facts about the Iron Age.

Geography:- Draw 5 things you would take with you on a desert island. Explain why you have chosen 


                     Choose a desert animal and make a poster about it.

                     Research about people who live in deserts.

                     Draw and label the eight points of the compass.

Reading:- If you are running out of books at home you can go to the Oxford Owl e books, they have all

                 kinds  of books and different levels.Check it out.


 Here are some maths topics to look at to do with fractions.

1) compare fractions with the same denominators. 2) list two fractions and say which is greater than or smaller than. 3) Equivalent fractions 4) Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators.5) Word problems with fractions, for example if Fred eats 1/3 of a pie and Sarah eats a 1/3 how much pie is left uneaten.





Thursday 26th March


Thank you to those who have sent me portraits of the teachers. Please keep sending them. If you have any work to share please e-mail to the year 3 address which is Looking forward to hearing and seeing pictures all about your learning.

Please use Sumdog. I have put some challenges on there for fractions which is our topic in maths. I can see those of you who have been playing. Please continue to read at home regularly.

Try and set a timetable at home for working. English and maths before lunch then some topic work in the afternoon, could be history/ geography, science or art. 


Mrs Koljonen


Here is a link to the 200 common words in English. Please use this list to test your child.

Home Learning Week Beginning 23rd March

Diversity Week

DT Sandwich Making

Year 3 Trip to Hayward Gallery: Bridget Riley Exhibition