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Year 6

Good morning on our penultimate week to my stupendous bumbling bambling band of baboons. I hope you had lovely weekends. As we only have 5 school days left I want you all to have as much fun as possible. I will set some learning below. In class we will be playing lots of games and may even watch a movie! If you would like more learning than I set, please do not hesitate in emailing me. 



Sumdog-check in everyday and look out for challenges that are set. 

Complete some of the maths investigations. Think carefully and use your reasoning skills to help you. 



Complete the film review on a favourite film of yours-we will be using 'The Greatest Showman' at school.

Complete the fact file for your favourite character.

Complete the movie 'film strip' showing the plot of the film.  

Complete the Year 6 Summer Activity booklet.


Open the Transition booklet and complete what you can to help you get ready for secondary school. 


What do you call a baby monkey?

A Chimp off the old block.


What do you call an angry monkey?

Furious George.


What does a logger say before he cuts down a tree?

Let the chimps fall where they may.


What do you call a monkey that succeeds at every sport?

A chimpion!

Today I learned humans eat more bananas than monkeys. – I can’t remember the last time I ate a monkey.


Have a great week!


Miss Rafiki, (leader of baboon tribe) Gocher


Wb 29th June 2020


Good morning to my spectacular bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. This week we are back to our new 'normal'.....unfortunately it can't be PGL week every week.....


This week:


One of the things we would have focused on this term would have been telling the time. This is a really important skill and can be quite tricky. Please ask your parents or siblings perhaps to help you when they have some time this week so you can practice.

Use the powerpoint presentation below to help you recap what you have learnt before and to try and learn how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals. Please don't worry if you don't get this straight away-it takes practice. Have a go and keep practising at home but don't worry if it is a challenge-remember, when we get stuck, it means our brains our learning something new!

Complete the activities on time. Choose either challenge A, B or C and mark your answers when you are done. I have included some activities that cover what you learnt in previous years so you can remind yourself of what to do. 



Following on from previous learning, complete the comprehension on Martin Luther King. Choose challenge A/* B/** or C/***.

Make sure you are reading everyday-this is so important and will help you in all your subjects. 

Write a newspaper article about something you are passionate about. It could be something happening in the news now or something you have learnt about like plastic pollution. Use the 'KS2 newspaper report document' to help you. Perhaps you could film yourself reading it pretending you are live on the TV news?


Please send me your lines for the Y6 leaver's video by Friday 3rd July. If you have any problems with this, please contact me. We have one video of some amazing dancing but I still need two more videos of your amazing talents! If you play a musical instrument, could you play something for our leaver's video? Please let me know asap!


Transition to secondary school:

Watford Schools Trust and Carpenders Park Church have very kindly bought every Year 6 student a booklet called 'It's Your Move-Your Secondary School Survival Guide'. I will hand these out on Monday 29th June. If you are not at school, we can leave your copy in the office so please pop by and collect it. 

In school this week we will be reading and working through pages 1-41 (they are A5 so don't panic!) and discussing what we read. 


Have a great week!


What sort of monkeys feel unwell?



What is a monkey's favourite drink?



What happens when monkey's lie out in the sun?

They get an orangu-TAN!


Where do monkeys hear good gossip?

On the ape-vine!


Q: Which sea will make you go ape?
A: The chimpan-sea! 

Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher 


Positive Minds

This is the last week of positive minds activities-make sure you take part and complete it all by Friday!


  1.  Complete the quiz.
  2. Watch this video about online safety. 
  3. Watch the introduction video. 
  4. Complete the spot the difference activity. 
  5. Complete the 'higher or lower' activity.
  6. Watch this summary video. 
  7. Complete this quiz at the end. 

Wb 22nd June 2020

Good morning to my spectacular bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you had a lovely weekend. This week is slightly different. We would have been at PGL so at school, we are going to be doing some classroom learning but also spending lots of time outside. 



Complete any pages from the packs that you have not finished/from previous weeks that you have not done. 

Practice your times tables and play hit the button to make sure you still know them in and out of order at speed.

Play on sumdog and check regularly for challenges and competitions. 



Complete any pages from the packs that you have not finished/from previous weeks that you have not done. 

Complete a free writing task. Remember to use your senses, a range of punctuation and figurative language. 

Read the Talking Trees poems/stories and research and complete your own poem/story. 


Outdoor activities:

Complete some of the Forest School Activities. 

Create an animal using only natural materials you find outside. 

Create an obstacle course and see how quickly you can complete it. 

Fill a balloon with water and design a protective basket for it out of cardboard. How high can you drop the balloon from in its basket without it bursting?

We will be playing with water a lot in the heat this week-ask you parents if you can have a water fight/play in the paddling pool if you have one!


Please keep reading regularly (it should be at least 4 times a week). 


Have a lovely week Year 6!


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher


Who is a monkey's favourite Hogwarts teacher?

Professor SnAPE!


Why do monkey's go to work?

To do monkey business!


Where do monkey's go when they lose their tails? 

A re-TAIL-ers!


What is a monkey's favourite bread?

Banana bread!


What animal sounds like a sheep but isn't?

A baaaaa-boon!





Learn the Haka

Still image for this video

Good morning Year 6. I have been tidying up a little bit and have come across these items. If they are yours, please could you let me know? I can leave them in the office for you to collect. 


Thank you,


Miss Gocher 


P.S. Mr Davies may take the Star Wars book if no one claims it!

Wb Monday 15th June 2020

Good morning to my stupendous bambling bumbling band of baboons! I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine. 


This week in school we will be watching 'Moana' and doing some work based on it. If you have a copy or can watch it online-please do! If not do not worry, you can still complete the tasks we will be doing. 



Maui (in Moana) does things so people would love him. What motivates you to do good things? What do you think should motivate us to do good things? Is there such a thing as a selfless good deed? Does this matter? What do you do for others? Write down your answers.


Moana is set in the Polynesian islands. Who are the Polynesian people? How are they the same and different to British people? What do you know about what is happening around the world at the moment in terms of race and equality?

Have a look on the Newsround website at some of the articles that have been written. What do you think should happen? Why? Write down your answer.



Complete the fact file on the Polynesians islands. You may want to choose one island to focus on. 



Who was Martin Luther King jr? Conduct research and complete the 'Fact file MLK' document. What was so significant about him? 

Watch this clip about a very famous speech he made. Why was this speech so empowering and important? What was his dream? When did he make this speech? Find out who was alive at this time in your family. Does it surprise you at how recent this was?



Complete the two writing tasks using the bullet points on the documents to help you. Remember to use a range of punctuation, ambitious vocabulary and different sentence types. When you have finished your writing, proof read it for spelling and punctuation errors. Come back to it later and edit and improve it. 



Check into sumdog every day. I will be setting challenges for you!

Play the different games on this website to keep your times tables up to speed.



We are moving onto to look at adaptation and evolution. 

Read the PowerPoint titled 'Adaptation' and complete the activity titled 'adaptive traits'. You can write the matching names as oppose to cutting and sticking. 

Read the PowerPoint titled ' Adaptation, Evolution and Human Intervention'. Complete the activity titled 'Advantages and disadvantages of adaptation'. Again, you can write the matching things as oppose to cutting and sticking. 

Complete the 'Selective and cross-breeding' activity. 



Mr Davies will hopefully be teaching us the Haka-we will post videos on here so you can learn it at home! 


How do you make a green orangutan? Cross a blue one with a yellow one!


How do you stop an orangutan from charging? Take away its credit cards!


If you throw a Great Ape into one of the Great Lakes, what will it become? Wet!


What kind of key doesn't open a door? A mon-key!


If twenty orangutans run after one banana, what time is it? Twenty after one!


Have a great week! Don't forget to send me pictures of the your 3 favourite pieces of work by Friday. 


Miss (Rafiki, Leader of baboon tribe) Gocher








Positive Minds

  1. Complete the quiz.

code: 6302027 (It shouldn't ask for a code but in case it does, use this one). 


  1. Watch the introductory video. 
  2. Open the 'Week 5 goal setting' worksheet and complete. 
  3. Watch the video on communication. 
  4. Open the document titled 'Week 5 effective communication task' and complete it. Then open the document 'Week 5 effective communication result'. 


Please take photos or videos and send them to me.  I will upload the sumary video and poster once they send them to me. 


Enjoy and good luck!

Wb 8th June 2020


Good morning to my magnificent bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you had a good weekend-did anyone else feel a tad chilly? It was lovely to see some of you back at school and I hope everyone at home is well. I will post activities below for different subjects that you can do this week. Please send me a picture of the 3 pieces of work from the week you are most proud of by Friday. I will upload the Positive Minds activities as soon as I get them. As well as what I post below, you can also complete anything from last week that you did not finish. 



  1. Complete the number and place value workbook. 
  2. Complete the addition and subtraction activities in the workbook titled 'Year 6 maths: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division'. Please do not worry about completing the long division unless you would like to have a go!
  3. Complete the measure a tree activity-please take pictures!



  1. Complete the two writing activities titled 'Film review' and 'Letter to your MP'. Make sure you follow the tips it gives you, use a range of punctuation and sentence types and sophisticated vocabulary. 
  2. Read the Act 3 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet. This is the scene we studied before lockdown began. Have a go at acting it out with your family-if you can film it I would love to see it! If you can't do the whole scene, I would focus on the fight where Tybalt kills Mercutio.



  1. Read the information on the Endangered animals PowerPoint. 
  2. Complete the research activity titled 'Endangered Animals activity sheet'.
  3. Read the information on the Recycling PowerPoint. 
  4. Complete the recycling scavenger hunt. 



  1. Have a  go at the Maya word search. 
  2. Read the information on the 'Introduction to the Maya' PowerPoint. 
  3. Choose challenge A/*, B/** or C/*** and complete the Maya comprehension activity. 
  4. Look at the Maya alphabet. Can you write your name or a message using it?
  5. Read the information on the Maya masks PowerPoint. 
  6. Use the template and instructions to make your own Maya mask. 
  7. Complete the activity on Maya Grid References. 
  8. Read the information on the Maya Gods and beliefs PowerPoint. 
  9. Answer the questions on the Maya Gods and Beliefs Prompt cards. 
  10. Design a Maya God. 
  11. Make a Maya God fact file. 
  12. Read the information on the Maya Food PowerPoint. 
  13. Can you plan a Maya Feast?
  14. Have a go at cooking the recipes. 
  15. Complete the food anagram activity. 
  16. Complete the corn v chocolate activity. 
  17. Make your own Maya headdress!


This week's jokes:


What is an orangutan’s favorite Christmas carol?

 Jungle Bells!


What happened to the bad orangutan that went to court?  

He was 'gibbon' another chance!


What do you call a monkey with 8 legs?  

A Spider Monkey!


What car do monkeys fear most?

A Jaguar!


How did the orangutan know he was sick?  

He had a belly ape!


Have a great week. Please remember I am always at the end of an email if you need anything. Stay safe :)


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher 

Positive Minds activities week beginning 1st June 2020

Code: 2750509


Week 4 introduction video – Video introducing all of week 4 content.


Use the documents below to complete the challenges. 

Week beginning Monday 1st June


Good morning to my beautiful bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you all had a lovely half term.


I am now back at school and teaching everyday so things are going to be a little bit different in terms of how your learning is set. Each Monday, I will upload learning here on our class page that you can complete throughout the week. Instead of sending me your learning everyday, on Friday, choose three pieces you are most proud of and send them to me.


I will still check the email account as regularly as possible if you have any questions about the learning or if there is anything you do not understand. If you have any concerns, just email me and I will respond as soon as I can. Please still send me photos and videos of you doing any of the Positive Minds challenges throughout the week. The learning I set here is the same as the learning I will be doing with the children in school.



  1. What are your worries? Covid 19. It is completely normal to have worries about the current situation. This activity looks at identifying what they are and then finding ways to cope and deal with them.
  2. Positive thinking cap. Use this activity to find lots of positive phrases you can repeat to yourself. This can help us to remain positive, even when things are tricky.
  3. What are my best qualities? I am so proud of all of you and I am sure your families are too. This will help you to remember all the wonderful things that make you who you are!
  4. Positive Mind Challenges-I will upload these once they send them to me.



  1. Duplication warm up-copy the patterns slowly and carefully. The key is to look carefully before you start and keep looking while you draw.
  2. Go outside or look out of a window and find something you think looks beautiful. If you can, choose something simple like a flower, a tree or a piece of fruit. Look at the object you have chosen in detail. Keep looking at it for 5 minutes! What basic shapes make it up? What colour is it? What markings are there? What shadows are there? Spend some time sketching the outline, and then add in detail and colour.
  3. How to draw different animals. Look at the stages involved for drawing these different animals. Have a go! How detailed can you get your final drawing once you’ve practised? Again, spend time looking carefully at the basic shapes and outlines as this will really help you.
  4. Endangered animals colouring. Colour some of the animals and do some research as to why they are endangered and where they from.



  1. Colours, colours everywhere! Tally how many times you can see these colours and complete the table.  I would recommend doing this outside or while on a walk if you can.
  2. Complete 8 pages from the Number and Place Value workbook. Mark your answers when you have finished. Remember this is 8 pages to be completed throughout the week-not all in one go! I will also upload a place value chart to help you. 
  3. Photographing 3D shapes. Look for these 3D shapes either in nature or in your house (or both). If you can’t take photos, you could sketch them-or both!
  4. Natural equations. Use natural objects to create equations.



  1. Complete 6 pages from the Spring Activity Book. Again, choose and complete 6 pages throughout the week. We will be using this booklet and the maths ones over the next couple of weeks.
  2. Complete the 2 writing tasks. Think carefully about the instructions and plan your ideas first. Bullet point what you will write about and the paragraphs you will include.  Remember to use a range of punctuation, sentence types and sophisticated vocabulary. When you have finished, leave it and come back to it later to edit and improve your writing. Please spend longer than 30 minutes on this (which is what it says on the sheet). You do not have to write it all in one go. 



This term we are going to be looking at climate change, recycling and how to protect the planet and its creatures.

  1. Have a go at the climate change word search.
  2. Go through the plastic pollution PowerPoint.
  3. Choose challenge A/*, B/** or C/*** and complete the 'End Plastic Pollution' comprehension.
  4. Complete the ‘5 ways I can help our Earth’ activity. Think carefully about what you can do to protect this one and only planet we have to live on!
  5. Scavenger hunt in the wilderness. When you next go for a walk or over a few walks, complete the scavenger hunt. Do you see anything that isn’t on there that you can add to it?
  6. Choose challenge A/*, B/** or C/*** and complete the comprehension on Greta Thunberg.
  7. We will be watching a few clips from ‘Our Planet’ (David Attenborough). This series is on Netflix and YouTube. There are other series of his on BBC Iplayer that can be watched.


Please do not worry about printing the activities unless you want to. Use paper and write the title of the activity. 

If you finish all of these activities, complete any pages in the packs I made for you when we first left school in March.


Here are 5 jokes, one for each day of the week:

What did the monkey say to the orang-utan that went crazy?

You've gone completely ape!


Which monkey was beaten in the Battle of Waterloo?

Napoleon Baboonapart!


What do you call an ape who likes lemon pies?

Meringue Utan!


When do orang-utans fall from the sky?

During Ape-ril showers!


What's an ape's favourite flower?

A chim-pansy!


Have a great week!


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher

Good morning at the end of week 7 to my spectacular bumbling bambling band of baboons! Well done for all your work this week. You have done brilliantly-as always and I am just so super proud of you all!


Hopefully I will see lots of you on zoom later at 11.30am. We are going to do a quiz so bring a pen and paper!


Today's work:


Writing: Complete activity 10 using the stars to success I gave you yesterday.



Super sequences sequence

Choose challenge A,B or C-A is marked *, B ** and C is ***. Mark your answers when you are done. If you made any mistakes, go back and see if you can correct them and learn from them. Mistakes are proof that you are learning! 



If you can print, have a go at the word search linked to evolution and inheritance.

Have a look at the word grid that I will attach below. This is what you would have put in your books. Have a look at the key words for this topic. What do you already know? What do you want to learn? Write a few sentences for each question.

Look at the PowerPoint presentation on inheritance.

Then open the document called inherited characteristics cards. Write the characteristics under two headings. Are they either inherited or acquired characteristics? You do not need to print this, it can just be written on paper.


Have an amazing weekend. 


How do orangutans make toast?

They put it under the gorilla. (Get it? the grill -a)


Miss (Rafiki, proud leader of baboon tribe) Gocher 

Good morning to my marvellous bumbling bambling band of baboons!


Today's work:



Complete Activity 10. This is due in tomorrow so please take your time. 

Stars to success:

yesUse ambitious vocabulary.

yesUse a range of punctuation.

yesUse your senses to describe your surroundings.  

yesProof read work for spelling and punctuation errors. 



Complete the activity ordering 6 digit numbers. If you find this easy, can you add in a number in-between each one that is given?



Watch the video on inheritance and read the information.

What things are inherited from our parents? Eye colour? Hair colour? A similar nose? Freckly skin?

What about us is not inherited from our parents? Have you got any similar traits to your grandparents?


Look below at the picture of David and Victoria Beckham and their children. Which of the Beckham’s children look more like David and which look more like Victoria? Why do you think that is? Which features have they inherited from which parent? Answer these questions either based on this family, another famous family or your own family. 


Have a great day!


Why do apes tell such bad stories?

Because they have no tales!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 


Good morning to my incredible bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine-don't forget to wear a hat and suncream!


Today's work:


Complete the Positive Mind activities. 


Spelling: Pages 32-33 titled 'ing and ed'.


Grammar: Pages 22-23 titled 'phrases'. Use this link and the video to help you. 



Open the document titled 'Place Value Riddles'.

Choose challenge A,B or C-A is marked *, B ** and C is ***. There are 7 questions for each challenge. 

Complete the riddles. Work through each clue slowly and carefully. Mark your answers when you have finished. If you made any mistakes, go back and see if you can correct them and learn from them. Mistakes are proof that you are learning!



New topic: adaption, evolution and inheritance


Watch the video and read the information on this page.

  1. How is a polar bear adapted to its habitat? Name two things.
  2. How is a cactus suited to its habitat?

Complete the ‘fill in the gaps’ activity and the quiz.


Can you think of how any other animals are adapted to their habitats? Give 3 examples. If you aren't sure, start by thinking why fish don't live on land...


What did the banana say to the orangutan?

Nothing, bananas don't talk!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 

Good morning to my awesome bumbling bambling band of baboons!


Today's work:


Carry on with the Positive Minds activities from yesterday. 



Place value to 10, 000, 000

For questions 1-9, think about what column the digit is in and then how many there are, e.g. 23,456-the 3 is the 1000’s column so is worth 3,000.

Mark your answers when you are done but don’t cheat! If you made any mistakes, go back and see if you can correct them and learn from them.



Click on the link and complete writing task 9. You only need to plan one story unless you would like to do more. Think carefully about each stage. Use the structure in the grid and the examples to help you.



Some of us, very sadly, find it hard to say good things about ourselves. On the sheet titled ‘I am an Amazing Person’ think about what you could write after each sentence starter. Take a few days to fill it in and see if you can write one (or more) thing in each star. If you can't print this, use a blank piece of paper and make a poster with the statements. You could use a different shape if you want to. Put this up somewhere in your house where you will see it everyday. Please send me a picture by Friday. 


Have a lovely day. 


What do you say to an ape who calls you on the phone? Who-rang-utang?


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 

Good morning to my fabulous bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you all had lovely weekends.


Today's work:

Positive Minds:

Code: 4235266

Complete the quiz. 


Introduction Video - Watch this video. 


Read the document titled 'Week3 worksheet'. Watch this video. 


Read the document titled 'Stacking challenge'. Watch this video. 


Please send me photos and videos of you doing this by Wednesday. 



Watch this clip on the Maya.

  1. What is similar between their game of football and ours? What is different?
  2. Was the ball game as important to the Maya as it is to people today?
  3. What do you think it was like living in a rainforest?
  4. What foods were grown? Are any of them similar to foods we eat today?

Click on the link and complete writing task 8.


Have a great day. Keep reading and log into sumdog as regularly as you can. 


Why do apes climb to the tops of buildings?

The elevator men are on strike.


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 

Brilliant work from week 5 and 6 on our home learning adventure!

Liam is so impressed Year 6 (as am I) so well done!

Still image for this video

Good morning at the end of week 6 of our home learning adventure! 


Today's work:


Spelling: Page 31 titled 'suffixes-ly, ful, ness'


Punctuation: Page 32 titled 'hyphens'.


Grammar: Page 21 titled 'Paragraphs'


History: Our last history topic for the year is the Mayan Civilisation. Have a look at some of these videos and write down 10 facts that you find interesting in preparation for our learning.


Play on sumdog if you can and keep reading. Have a lovely weekend. 


What should you do if a gorilla is sitting at your desk in school?

Sit somewhere else!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 

Good morning to my fabulous bumbling bambling band of baboons!


Today's work:


Spelling: Page 29 titled 'words ending in er, ar and or' and page 30 titled 'words ending in ery, ary and ory'.


Punctuation: Pages 26-27 titled 'Mixed practice'.


Grammar: Page 20 titled 'sentences'.


Maths: Book 1, pages 60-61 titled 'circles'.


If you haven't had a go at the Positive Minds challenges yet you still can! You may even see me attempt it in assembly......


Please make sure you are reading everyday and if you can go on sumdog then go for it!


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher



Good morning to my bumbling bambling band of baboons!


Today's work:

Complete the tasks from Positive Minds that were set yesterday. 


Maths: Book 2 pages 54-55 titled 'calculating with measures'.


Spelling: pages 26-27 titled 'Words ending in a shun sound'.


Punctuation: Pages 22-25 titled 'Commas'.


Grammar: Pages 40-41 titled 'past, present and future tenses'.


Have a great day!

If we do comeback to school in a few weeks we will need to set our alarms again!

Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 



Good morning to my bumbling bambling band of baboons!


Today's work:


Positive Minds continues:

1) Follow this link and complete the quiz-just once. It is a recap.

code: 493835



Watch this introductory video. 


3) Read the information sheet titled 'Week 2 work sheet'. Complete task 1 writing down 3 coping strategies that you use. Remember Taylor's were listening to music, play his playstation and playing football. There is a sheet I will attach below titled 'Week 2 answer sheet' that you can type your answers into, or just use paper. Please send me pictures of you using these strategies if you can. 


4) Watch this video where Liam demonstrates box breathing and try it yourself. 


5) Now for the real challenge! Watch this video and see what challenge Taylor has set you. It is meant to be very difficult! Be resilient and have fun! If these challenges don't quite work for you, can you instead lie down and see how long you can balance the cup on your forehead? Try and improve your score. Use your box breathing!


On Thursday, we will be receiving another challenge to help us summarise what we have learnt this week. You have all of today and tomorrow to work on the challenges above. 


If your parents haven't already emailed me giving permission for your photos or videos to be shared with the positive minds staff and potentially be used on their website, please ask them to email me. If they don't give permission, that is absolutely fine, but I still need to know. Thank you!


Please also read today and go on sumdog. Y6 are doing well in the competition but they need more people to take part. Go on Y6! We could always do the reasoning tests instead? Only joking! Please do not worry if you don't have a device you can use at home for sumdog. 


Have a great day and I look forward to some pictures/videos of you doing Taylor's challenges either today or tomorrow. I will be updating the story and life cycle pages later so have a look. 


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher


A message from Mrs Nye

Still image for this video

Message to Year 6.MOV

Still image for this video

Good morning to my wonderful bambling, bumbling band of baboons,


Maths book 2: Pages 48-49 titled 'Missing number problems'.


Spelling: Pages 24-25 titled 'Words ending in al, el and le' and 'words ending in sure and ture'.


Pandas: Complete the comprehension activity titled 'Welcome to York'.


Tigers: Complete the comprehension activity titled 'In the Rush Hour Traffic Jam'.


Make sure you are reading everyday and go on sumdog whenever you can. 


How do you get an escaped lion back into his habitat?

With a bargaining chimp.


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher



Dear Year 6, 


I am writing this to you on Sunday evening after the latest announcement from our Prime Minister in these difficult times. He perhaps didn't give us all the news we had hoped for, but there is hope that we may be reunited in time to come, if it is safe. However, tomorrow would have been the start of your SATs week and I wanted to let you know, that I know, you would have ALL done an incredible job. I have taught you since the beginning of Year 5 and the progress you have all made is astonishing; this is something much more important than a test score. This progress is not just in your learning in the classroom, but your learning in how to be kind, responsible and respectful members of our school and the wider community. ALL the staff at St Meryl, and especially the Year 6 staff, are extremely proud of you all (and miss you a lot). Mrs Pegg found a poem written to some Year 6 children that she thought applied to you all and I have adapted it so it is even more apt. 


As SATs week arrives, it is not quite same,

The tests that were printed never actually came,

Your heads were crammed with grammar and maths rules,

But it is all very different now in primary schools.


For some of you, happiness, lots of relief,

For others a sigh of pure disbelief,

You worked really hard in advance of this week,

For incredible marks that you rightly did seek.


Algebra, fractions, the times tables drills,

Inference, retrieval, in-depth reading skills,

Determiners, verbs, active voice was the peak,

You practised and mastered them over the weeks.


“Read. The. Question,” Miss Gocher would say,

Following the instructions was the only way,

However, a score does not your resilience show,

And all of you: stars that brightly glow. 


Fear not though, the SATs won’t happen this term,

But remember tests don’t measure all that you learn,

Learning is what matters; you’ve always tried your best,

Many skills you’ve gained can’t be defined by a test.


So here at St Meryl, you have made us so proud,

While at home, with pride, we shout this out loud,

“Year 6 you amaze us, you’ve come incredibly far,

And we don’t need a test to see how special you are”.


Love from,

Miss Gocher and all the staff at St Meryl smiley

Good afternoon Y6. I just wanted to say a massive well done on making it to the end of another week on this home learning adventure! You have worked so hard and I am so proud of every single one of you. I hope you are able to enjoy the bank holiday weekend and if you do anything for VE day, please do take pictures and them send them to me-I'd love to see!


There is a national sumdog competition that starts tomorrow and ends on 14th May. It would be great to see Y6 getting really involved so keep logging in!


Don't forget to wear suncream as it is going to be quite warm (I managed to get burnt yesterday sad). Keep an eye on the story and caterpillar pages and I will update them as regularly as I can. 


Stay safe fellow baboons smiley


Miss Gocher 

Good morning to my wonderful bambling bumbling band of baboons!


Today's work:


Spelling: pages 22-23 titled 'words ending in able and ible' and 'words ending in ably and ibly'.


Punctuation: pages 20-21 titled 'Mixed practice' and page 30 titled 'dashes for extra information'.


Grammar: pages 16-19 titled 'Mixed practice'.

Use these links to help you. 


Maths: book 2 page 52 titled 'Units and conversions' and page 53 titled 'Calculating with measures'.


History: Read through the powerpoint on VE day that I will attach below. Complete one of the 'Try this' activities. 


Remember to keep reading everyday and to log in to sumdog whenever you can!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 


VE day powerpoint

Good morning to my fantastic bumbling bambling band of baboons!


It is time for our Positive Minds Workshop to begin with Watford FC! Follow the link below and watch the introductory video:

Then open the document below this called Week1 Work Sheet and read it through.

Then follow this link and complete the quiz:

The code is 633611.


As Taylor says in the video, take your time with the quiz. It is not a race! And do not worry if you don't know the answers! We will learn a lot over the next 5 weeks!


Maths: book 2 page 13 titled 'rounding off', pages 50-51 titled 'units and conversions'

Use these links to help you. 


Punctuation: pages 18-19 titled 'inverted commas'.


Have a great day!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher

Hopefully none of you felt like this this morning!




Good morning again Y6. Many apologies for any confusion-the positive minds workshop will start tomorrow. They were slightly delayed and I forgot to post on here to let you all know. I am very sorry. 


Miss Gocher 

Good morning to my fabulous bumbling bambling band of baboons!


Today's work:

Continue with your posters and send me a picture by the end of tomorrow. 



Watch this video clip. Write a diary entry imagining you are either: a soldier returning home from war who has been fighting in Europe; a woman who has been working in a factory creating vital supplies that has now had her job taken away from her or a child who has lived through the war in England and is hoping their father comes home/has just seen their father. 

Stars to success:

yesUse a range of punctuation.

yesUse ambitious vocabulary.

yesUse my senses to describes what can be seen/heard/smelt etc.

yesUse neat handwriting (if I am writing by hand).

yesUse two sentence types. 


Take your time with this and think carefully about each sentence. When you are finished leave it for a short time and later in the day come back to it and edit and improve it. 


Maths: book 2 pages 58-59 titled' area'. 


Have a lovely day. Check on the life cycle and story pages later for updates!


Why do waiters like Baboons better than flies? Did you ever hear a customer complain 'Waiter, there's a Baboon in my soup!'


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher

Good morning to my amazing bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you had a lovely weekend.

On Friday, the country is celebrating the 75th anniversary since VE (Victory in Europe) day. This was the day that the allies in WW2 accepted the Nazi Germany's surrender. This Friday, although we are in lockdown, people across the country are going to remember the sacrifice that many men and women made and celebrate the anniversary of the end of the war. This week, some of our work will be linked to this. 


I would like everyone to make a poster that you can put up in your windows (like the rainbows) to celebrate 75 years since VE day. This link has some designs you can use or you can create your own. It is completely up to you what you put on your poster as long as it includes the number 75. Please send me a picture of this by Wednesday. Take your time and think about your design. What colours will you use? Perhaps think about the Union flag....but it is up to you!


Today's work:

Maths: book 2 pages 68-69 titled '3D shapes'.


Spelling: page 20 titled 'words ending in 'ous' and page 21 titled 'words ending in cious and tious'.


Tigers: Complete the comprehension activity titled 'Theseus and the Minotaur'.

Pandas: Complete the comprehension activity titled 'If you can't go over or under, go round'.


Have a great day. Don't forget to check the stories and life cycles pages for updates. 


What does a Baboon learn first in school?

The Apey-cees!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 

Good morning to my fabulous bumbling bambling band of baboons! We have made it to end of the 4th week on our home learning adventure and I could not be prouder of you all. You have faced this challenge head on and have continued to shine like the superstars you all are. Stay strong and remember it is ok to have bad or difficult days-but don't forget, this is temporary. 


Today's work:


Maths: book 2 pages 64-65 titled 'angles'. You do not need a protractor for this-you need to use addition and subtraction to work out the missing angles. Remember the angles on a straight line add up to 180° and the angles around a point add up to 360°.

Use these links to help you. 



Complete activities 6 and 7. 


Go on sumdog if you can and make sure you are reading everyday!


Please ask your parents very nicely to check their emails-we have an exciting workshop for RSHE starting next week!


Have a lovely day and weekend. Check into the caterpillar and story pages later as more will be uploaded. 


How do you prepare a Baboon sundae?

Your start getting it ready Fridae and Saturdae!


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher 

Good morning to my wonderful bumbling bambling band of baboons! I have made a sub page for the caterpillars and the videos of me reading stories so have a look at those if you haven't already!


Today's work:


Maths:book 2 pages 77-79 titled 'Bar charts, pictograms and line graphs'.


Grammar: pages 14-15 titled 'Adverbs'.


Punctuation: pages 16-17 titled 'Inverted commas'. Watch this video to remind you!


Geography: Open the document titled 4 figure grid references. If you can print it (and want to) that is fine you can complete it on the sheet. Otherwise, on paper write the name of the animal, its grid reference and then yes or no as to whether it can be found in Kenya. Remember we walk along the corridor and then up the stairs. Use this clip to help you. 


Have a great day!


What kind of a key opens a banana?

A monkey!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 


Geography: 4 figure grid references

Good morning to my fabulous bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Mr Gum. If you haven't seen them already, have a look at the caterpillars I am looking after. They are growing very quickly!


Today's work:

Spelling-pages 18-19, titled 'words ending in ent and ant' and 'words ending in ance, ancy, ence and ency'.

Punctuation-page 6 titled 'sentences, pages 10-11 titled 'mixed practice'.


Maths-book 2 pages 75-76, titled 'tables'. 


Science-Complete your own science experiment! This does not have to be finished today. Have a look at the links below and choose an experiment that you can do at home. Or you can do some research and choose one that you would like to try. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PARENTS'/ADULTS' PERMISSION AND SUPERVISION.

Write a prediction of what you think will happen in your experiment. When you have completed it (remember, this doesn't have to be today-take as long as you need), write a conclusion explaining your results. 


Have a great day!


MIss (Rafiki) Gocher 


Where do monkeys go to drink?

The monkey bars!

Good morning baboons! I hope you slept well and are ready for some more learning. 

Today's work:

Spelling-page 16 titled 'hyphenating prefixes', page 17 titled 'words ending in 'cial' and 'tial'.


Tigers-complete the comprehension activity called 'The Battle'.

Pandas-complete the comprehension activity called 'Detective Nimble and the Falcon Fugitive'.


Maths-book 1-pages 28-29 titled 'Fractions, decimals and percentages'. Remember percent means out of 100. You can use yesterday's video to help you if you get stuck. 


Geography-the document below that I will upload is called Pirate coordinates. The first page is challenge A, the second is challenge B and the third is challenge C. Choose one challenge and have a go. If you cannot print it, that is absolutely fine-don't worry about plotting the coordinates when it asks you to. You do not need to draw out the grid-unless you would like to! Write your answers on paper. The answers are at the end so you can mark your learning. 


Have a great day! 


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 


Good morning to my fabulous bumbling bambling band of baboons! I hope you were able to enjoy the weekend and the glorious sunshine. 

Today's work:

Maths-book 2-page 10 titled 'Roman Numerals', pages 36-37 titled 'equivalent fractions and decimals.

Remember to convert a fraction into a decimal, divide the numerator (top number) by the denominator (bottom number) and to convert a decimal into a fraction, look at the last column to find your denominator and the number after the decimal point is the numerator. For example, 0.4=4/10. Use this video to help you. There is a poster on this link to help with Roman Numerals. There are extra questions here as well. These are an optional extension. 


Spelling-page 9 titled 'words with ough', page 15 titled 'prefixes-tele, mis, anti, photo, circum'. Look up what each prefix means and see how they relate to the words.


Punctuation-pages 12-15 titled 'apostrophes'.

Remember: Just because a word ends in s doesn't mean it needs a possessive apostrophe. You only need an apostrophe if a word is a contraction, for example-can't, or if something belongs to someone, for example, Miss Gocher's job was the best in the world and the children's learning was super!


I am at school today so cannot answer emails as quickly but if you have any questions or get stuck let me know and I will help as soon as I can. Have a lovely day!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 


Some of the incredible work from my baboons this week!

Good morning to my bumbling bambling band of baboons!


I hope you all slept well. We have made it to Friday on another week of our home earning adventure! I am so proud of how hard you are all working. I have shown the other teachers some of the things you have done and they were blown away! 


Today's work:

Maths-book 2 page 33 and 34 titled 'adding and subtracting fractions'.  Use this link to help you if you get stuck. 



Complete activity 5. If you are able to record yourself performing the poem, please email them to me as I would love to see them. 


Geography-We are going to be focusing on map skills in this topic. There is lots of new learning for us to do but we need to revise some skills you learnt previously in KS2 first. Therefore if any of these activities that we do over the next few days have a different year group on them, please do not worry-I have not forgotten that you are in Y6! Normally we would do a quick quiz or activity at the start of a lesson to recap things but unfortunately we cannot at the moment. 

I will add two documents to page that need to be completed. 


Map symbols-Match the symbol to its name. If you cannot print it, write the name and draw the symbol (it does not need to be a perfect artistic drawing). You can mark your answers when you have finished-don't cheat!  This link has lots of information about maps to help you. 


Zoo coordinates-challenge A is the first page, B the second and C the third. Choose and complete 1 of these. Again, when you are finished, mark your answers. Remember with coordinates we go along the corridor and up the stairs. If you cannot print, please do not worry, just write your answers on paper. 


Well done again on another brilliant week Y6/baboon tribe. I know it is not easy and we all miss our friends and the relatives we cannot see. Just remember this is temporary. Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend. 


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher 

Good morning to my wonderful baboons and Happy St George's Day!

I hope you are all ok. I was so impressed with your work from yesterday (as I am every day) so well done!


Today's work:

Writing: Click on the link and complete activities 3 and 4. PLEASE DO NOT DO YOUR ART ON A REAL DOOR! If your parents say you can then that is fine-this is very unlikely so please do it on paper!


Maths: book 2 pages 14-15 titled 'written adding and subtracting', book 2 pages 24-25 titled 'multiples and factors'. There are some clips here to help if you get stuck. 


Today would have been Shakespeare's birthday! 

Have a look at the Macbeth video you all loved so much!

Read the summary under the video clip. 

Create a poster advertising a production of Macbeth. What picture/pictures would you draw on it to entice audiences to book tickets? Would you include a short sentence summarising the best parts of the play?

You do not have to send me pictures of this today. Take your time!


Make sure you read for at least 30 minutes and you can also go on sumdog (you can go on sumdog whenever your parents/family are happy for you to even if I haven't written it on here). 


What do you call a monkey with a banana in each ear?

Anything you want, it can't hear you!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 




Good morning to my wonderful bumbling bambling band of baboons!


Firstly, apologies for setting work that you have already done. As I set your work, I tick it off in my books but I obviously missed a couple of pages. If this happens again, please just leave the sheets I have told you to do that you have already done!  As I was in school yesterday and Monday, I didn't pick up emails until later in the day but will now be able to check them throughout the day! Hopefully, however it won't happen again. 


Today's work:

Click on this link which leads to an exciting writing workbook we are going to be using. Today, I would like you to complete activities 1 and 2. Our writing is often more interesting if it is based on something we can relate to which is why activity 1 is based on things we are missing at the moment. For activity 2 think about using ambitious vocabulary, your senses and a range of figurative language (similes, personification, metaphors, alliteration). Please take your time on this. Perhaps start this morning and come back to it throughout the day to edit and improve it like we would in class. It can be as imaginative and fun as you like!


Maths-book 2 pages 11-12 titled 'decimals'.


If you finish this, play on sumdog and read for at least 30 minutes. You can always go back to the tasks I put up for the Easter holidays and have a go at some that you did not complete yes


Have a lovely day!


Why did the monkey like the banana?

Because it had appeal!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 





Good morning fellow baboons. I hope you slept well and are ready for a new day of learning. 


Today's tasks:

Spelling-page 28 titled 'words ending in 'en' and 'on'.

Grammar-pages 6-7 titled 'pronouns'.

Punctuation-pages 7-9 titled 'sentences'.


Maths-book 1-pages 72-73 titled line graphs.

Read the article on the newsround website. Some animals have been spotted in some interesting places since humans have been in lockdown!

Answer the following questions in full sentences:

  1. Why do scientists think that record numbers of turtles have been born in Thailand?
  2. Which city was the kangaroo spotted in?
  3. What were squirrels in California caught doing?
  4. What has improved the quality of the water in Venice?
  5. Do you think humans have a responsibility to act differently when the lockdown is over? Why? Why not? Think carefully about your answer and write a few sentences. 

Watch the videos to help you understand what has been happening. 


I hope you have a lovely day. 

* Where does a baby ape sleep?
– In an apricot!


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher 

Sorry fellow baboons, I forgot your joke this morning!

  • Where do monkeys get their gossip?
    – Through the ape vine!

Good morning to the wonderful bumbling bambling band of baboons at the start of a new week on our home learning adventure!


I hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays even if they were a little unusual. Here is today's work. Please send me pictures of it by 3.15pm. If you have any photos of things you did over the holidays, I would love to see them. 


Tigers-Complete the comprehension activity called 'Flight'. 

Pandas-Complete the comprehension activity called 'Beneath the Waves'.


Maths-book1 pages 16 and 17, titled 'solving calculation problems', page 25 'multiplying decimals'. Remember-use the fact you know and then check there are the same number of decimal places in your answer as there were in the question. 


Spelling-pages 6 and 7 titled 'double consonants'. 


Science-read the article on newsround about coral bleaching and answer the following questions in full sentences:

  1. Where is one of the world's most famous reefs that has been hit by coral bleaching? What is it called?
  2. How much of its coral was wiped out between 2016 and 2017?
  3. What is coral?
  4. What causes the bleaching to happen?
  5. Why are coral reefs important?
  6. What is Australia doing to try and protect the reef?
  7. Can the reef recover? How long can it take?

Watch the videos as you go to help your understanding. 


Perhaps we can do a class trip to visit it one day......or maybe look at lots of amazing videos or pictures!


Have a lovely day and try and enjoy some sunshine-wear suncream if you do!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher, leader of baboon tribe. 


Still image for this video
Year6/baboon tribe,
I have finally managed to track Rafiki down-he was deep in the jungle. He recorded this short video to say a massive well done on the great learning you have done so far in lockdown. He was very impressed. As a baboon, he is not great with technology so don’t be too critical!
I will be uploading learning each weekday from tomorrow. As before, I will do my best to have it online by 9am and would like to see pictures of it by 3.15pm.
Stay safe, be kind, be you.

Miss Gocher

Good afternoon baboon tribe!


Here is a list of activities you can do throughout the Easter holidays. These are not compulsory and do not need to be emailed to me. They are there if you would like something else to do-have a look as they are quite fun (just like all my lessons...). I hope you and your families have a restful and relaxing Easter break.


Rafiki sends his apologies-he has been delayed but will make an appearance on the class page during the Easter holidays-so check back in when you can!


Keep doing me (but more importantly yourselves) proud!


Miss (leader of baboon tribe) Gocher 


Easter holidays:

  1. Take part in the Sumdog Easter competition or play regularly. 
  2. Read everyday. Can you read 3 different books? Raffle tickets available!
  3.  Play hit the button to practise your times tables.
  4. Make hot cross buns for Easter. Conduct research to find out why these are eaten near Easter time.
  5. Design your own Easter egg-what chocolate would it be? What would the packaging look like? What would it be called? How can you ensure it is eco-friendly? What would your company’s slogan be? Can you make an advert for it?
  6. Research the story of Easter. Make a poster explaining what Easter is and why Christians celebrate it.
  7. Go for a walk and see how many of these things you can find: daffodils, lambs, ladybirds, blossom, birds, green leaves. Did you find anything else that is associated with spring?
  8. Complete the mindfulness colouring. Perhaps enjoy some mindfulness music as you do it.
  9. Watch some of the video clips on the Tudors/Stuarts. How does this era compare to others we have studied? What similarities and differences are there compared to the Ancient Egyptians? Victorians?
  10.  Watch some of the video clips on animals. What can you learn about how the animal is suited to its habitat? Why does it live in a forest for example and not Antarctica? How is that animal classified?

Learning from the second week of our adventure!

 Good morning to my wonderful bambling bumbling band of baboons!


We have made it to end of the second week of our home learning adventure and I am just so proud of all you. As a special treat I have spoken to Rafiki and, wifi allowing, he may be putting in a special appearance soon......


Today's work: 


This tiny turtle is giving a speech. What is he saying? Who is he speaking to?

  • Use ambitious vocabulary
  • Think carefully about the character whose point of view you are writing from. 
  • Think carefully about the audience-who is the turtle talking to and why? What could you write passionately about?


Maths: Book 1 pages 56 and 57 titled 'Making 3D shapes'.

Use this link to help you if you get stuck. 



Watch the video on Romeo and Juliet. Play the two games underneath the video clip.

Scroll down to 'documents' and if you can print this activity then please do and have a go. If you cannot print it, open it and complete questions 4 and 5 on paper. You do not need to write the sentences out for Q4-just write the letter of the question and whether it is true or false.


* Where should a monkey go when he loses his tail?
– To a retailer!


As the next two weeks are what would have been our Easter holidays, I will not be setting daily work. However, I will upload some activities that you may enjoy but these are not compulsory in any way. Remember to keep reading and you can always log into sumdog if you are able to. Stay safe and look after yourselves. 


Miss (Rafiki-proud leader of baboon tribe) Gocher  

Good morning to my wonderful bambling bumbling band of baboons!


I am really sorry this is late today (my wifi wasn't working) so if you don't get today's work done, I will understand!


Maths: book 2 pages 26 and 27 titled 'prime numbers and square and cube numbers'.

I will also set a challenge on sumdog. 


Grammar: pages 46-47 titled 'standard vs non-standard'.


Again, many apologies that today's work is late. Have a great day. 


* What do monkeys wear when they are cooking?
– Ape-rons!


Miss Gocher 

Today's joke: 

* What should you bring to a party in the jungle?
– Chimps and dip!


Good morning to my wonderful bambling bumbling band of baboons!


Today's work:

Log in to sumdog and play for at least half an hour. I will set a challenge once I have uploaded your work!


Read for at least 30 minutes. 


Grammar: Pages 12 and 13 titled 'adjectives'. 


Spelling: Pages 13 and 14 titled 'prefixes'. 


Have a great day! I will upload your joke later!


Miss Gocher

Good morning on this beautiful morning to my wonderful bambling bumbling band of baboons!


Today's work:

Grammar: Pages 8-11 titled 'determiners' and 'verbs'.


Maths: Book 1 page 12 titled 'mental maths', page 13 titled 'estimating and checking', page 15 titled 'multiples, factors and primes'.


Pandas: complete pages 32-37 titled The Dragon Fly'

Tigers: complete pages 33-37 titled 'The Frost'


This last activity is not compulsory but I think would be good fun! Complete an A-Z scavenger hunt in your home/garden. Find one thing that begins with each letter of the alphabet and take a picture of them all together. How creative can you be? Perhaps involve your siblings if you have any-can you work as a team?


Today's joke-


What is a Baboons's favourite toy?

A Bab-boom-orang!


Have a great day!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 

Baboon tribe, 


I have set a sumdog challenge that starts at 11.20 and ends at 3.15pm. 150 coins are up for grabs! It is not compulsory but log in and play if you can!


Miss Gocher 

Y6 favourite places to read

Good morning baboons and welcome to the second week of our adventure as the bambling bumbling band of baboons!

I hope you all had lovely weekends and were able to enjoy some of the sunshine. 


Today's work:



Pandas-Complete the comprehension titled 'Diving the Depths'.

Tigers-Complete the comprehension titled 'The Real Blackbeard'.


Grammar-pages 34-35 titled 'Prepositions'.


Spelling-pages 6-7 titled 'Double consonants'.



Place 4 ice cubes in different locations in your house (examples include: the fridge; by a window; near a radiator). Time how long it takes for each ice cube to melt.

Before you start timing, write a prediction of which ice cube you think will melt quickest and why and write an explanation of which ice cube you think will melt slowest and why.

Once your ice cubes have melted, write a conclusion. Which ice cube melted fastest? Why do you think that was?  Were your results as expected? If not, why do you think that is?

If you do not have any ice cubes and cannot make any, write the four locations you would put them in and write explanations of which you think would melt quickest and slowest and why. 


Have a great day! 


What do Baboons do when they go mad?

Go bananas!

Some very creative home learning!

Still image for this video



How do baboons get down the stairs?

They slide down the banana-ster!


Sorry Y6!


If you have any baboon jokes you would like me to use, email them to me and will include them next week. 

Day 5 of the Bambling Bumbling Band of Baboons' Adventure!


Today's work:

Maths: book 2-pages 8 and 9 titled 'negative numbers'.


Spelling: Pages 11 and 12 titled 'Prefixes-un and de' and 'Prefixes-im, in, il and ir'.


Writing: Home learning document task 3. Write a story about travelling into outer space. Remember a beginning, middle and an end. Try and use as many adjectives from yesterday as you can. 

  • use a range of punctuation
  • use a range of sentence types
  • be as creative and imaginative as you can


Enjoy the sunshine and have a lovely weekend. Make sure you keep reading!


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher 

Baboon tribe/Year 6, 


I just wanted to say how proud I am of you all. We are nearly at the end of the first week of our adventure and you have faced this challenge head on. These are difficult and strange times and I have been blown away by the incredible work you have been sending me. I have put some pictures below of a few highlights-I haven't finished yet and will be adding more! 


Please make sure you are looking after yourselves. I hope you have been able to get outside and do some exercise. Keep an eye on those parents too-if you are allowed to, make them a cup of tea and bring them a biscuit!


Rafiki talks of how things can be difficult sometimes and can even hurt. He then says "But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” And that is exactly what you have been doing and I AM SO PROUD OF EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. 


 I look forward to what tomorrow and the next week of our adventure will bring!




Miss Gocher smiley


Work from the first week of our adventure!

Good morning on day 4 of the bambling bumbling band of baboons' adventure!

I hope you all slept well and are ready for another day of learning and enjoying the sunshine!


Today's work:


Watch the video on economic activity.

You can write or type your answers to these questions and then send them to me with your work at 3.15pm. Use the video and information to help you.

  1. What 4 things do countries commonly sell?
  2. What is a boom or upturn?
  3. What is a slump or downturn?
  4. Do some research to find the three goods the UK sells the most of.


Complete the ‘test your knowledge’ activity.



Watch the video on classification. You can write or type your answers to these questions and then send them to me with your work at 3.15pm. Use the video and information to help you.

  1. What is a vertebrate?
  2. What is an invertebrate?
  3. Name the 5 groups that vertebrates can be split into.
  4. Name 5 invertebrates.


Complete the activity matching the animal to its group.

Watch the video and read the information.

  1. What kind of teeth to herbivores have and why?
  2. What kind of teeth do carnivores have and why?
  3. Can you think why humans have a mixture of these type of teeth?

Watch the video, read the information and complete the online activity.

Watch the video, read the information and complete the online activity.



Create a picture of your favourite animal. Use any materials you have: pencils, pens, paint etc. Could you use anything from your garden (if you have one) like leaves?


Maths: book 2-pages 28, 29, 30 and 31 titled 'mixed numbers and improper fractions' and 'comparing fractions'.

Use the links from yesterday to help you. 


Writing: Open the home learning document and complete writing activity 2-write an a-z list of adjectives. These will come in hand for tomorrow's writing task. 


Don't forget the send me pictures of your work by 3.15pm. The art task is not due in today. Please send me pictures by Monday at 3.15pm. 


Today's joke:

Why don't the baboons in the jungle play poker any more?

There are just too many cheetahs.


Keep up the hard work Year 6. Go team baboon!


Miss (Rafiki) Gocher 


How is it going my lovely baboon troop? Excuse the American spelling of favourite. Don't forget to send me your work :)

Good morning on day 3 of the Bambling Bumbling Band of Baboons' Adventure!

Work for today:

Maths: Book 1-page 19 titled 'ordering fractions' (remember to put them over a common denominator), pages 20 and 21 titled 'adding and subtracting fractions' (remember you may need to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers). 


Spelling: Pages 4-5 titled 'Plurals'.


Grammar: Pages 6-7 titled 'Pronouns'. 


Punctuation: Pages 12-15 titled 'Apostrophes'. 


Writing: Open the home learning document lower down on this page and complete writing tasks 4 and 5. These can be handwritten or typed. There is not set length but remember you are in Y6 so try your best. 


Use these links to help you if you get stuck.


Today's baboon joke:

What do you call an exploding monkey?




Have a great day.


Miss (Rafiki, leader of baboon tribe) Gocher :) 

If you get stuck, remember to use the links I posted. Think hard-it is all in your brain!

Day 2 of the Bambling Bumbling Band of Baboons adventure!


I hope you are all ok Year 6. If you have a garden, make sure you enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine today!


Today's work: 

Read for at least 30 minutes. Take a picture of yourself in your favourite place to read at home and send them to me. I will put them on our class page so you can see each others. 


Tigers- complete the comprehension called 'The Dragons are Hiding'-pages 15-19. 

Pandas-complete the comprehension called 'A Trip to the Circus'-pages 15-19. 

There won't be a comprehension everyday smiley


Spelling-pages 2-3 titled 'root words', pages 46-47 titled 'silent letters'. 


Grammar-pages 2-5 titled 'nouns/singular and plural nouns/types of nouns'. 


Maths-book 1-page 7 titled 'rounding whole numbers', page 8 titled 'calculating with negative numbers', page 9 titled 'solving number problems', page 24 titled 'multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1,000'.


Use these links to help you if you get stuck. 


Today's baboon joke:

What do you call a flying primate?


A hot air baboon!


Remember to send me pictures of your work by 3.15pm. Keep up the amazing work Year 6. I'm already super proud of you yes


Miss Gocher 

Art work done today at school!

Don't forget to send me your work! Miss (Rafiki-leader of baboon tribe) Gocher

Good morning Year 6. Day 1 of our adventure is here! The children on Friday voted for the name of this adventure to be called, 'The Bambling Bumbling Band of Baboons' Adventure'!


Today's work: 

Maths book 1-page 6 (Place value in very large numbers), page 10 (written multiplication), page 18 (simplifying fractions). 


Spelling-page 8 (The 'ay' sound), page 10 (The 'f' sound).


Punctuation-pages 28-29 (Brackets for extra information).



Tigers-complete pages 23-31-International Fireworks Contest. 

Pandas-complete pages 23-31-From Sketches to Cinema.


Read for at least 30 minutes. It can be in chunks of 5/10 minutes if you don't want to do it all in one go!


If you want extra work, complete two of the science activities and take pictures of what you do. 


Don't forget to send me a picture of your work. Go team Baboons!


Miss Gocher smiley

SATs Spelling Revision