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Year 6

Day 4 of PGL. Another amazing day! We slept through the night which made our teachers very happy! This morning we tackled Jacob’s ladder and abseiling. Both were very high but we gave them a good go. After lunch we faced the vertical challenge and canoeing. We all did very well (although Miss Gocher did capsize her boat)! This evening we had a great time at the disco and are now getting ready for bed. We are sad to be leaving tomorrow but so excited to see our families! Sadly the internet is not working well so  pictures may or may not upload tonight. 

Day 3 of PGL. WOW! What a day! We all slept through the night and were asleep by 10.30pm! Our teachers were very happy 😃 We had a delicious breakfast followed by Passport to the World and rock climbing. After lunch we went on the famous Giant Swing and trapeze-even the teachers did it! We had the best time at evening entertainment and our now having showers before bedtime. Photos and videos to follow but Miss Gocher is having a few technical difficulties...


Day 2 of PGL has been amazing! We have been so busy. We started with aeroball (basketball on trampolines) and then we played capture the flag. After lunch we learnt how to fence and completed the crate challenge! We our now getting ready for bed and hopefully a good night’s sleep. smiley

Day 1 at PGL and we are having a blast!

Are We Alone?

Trading in geography!

During RE, we learnt about malas. These are beads that Buddhists use while meditating. Mala beads are used in prayer and meditation with mantras for each bead. The Mala are meant to help you to remain focused, they do this by being a tactile reminder of what you are meant to be doing – meditating. Buddhists also use mandalas while meditating. We created our own mandalas out of flour. We then blew them away as Buddhists believe in impermanence (everything changes).

Christmas workshop and fair

Google Classroom Guide

SATs Spelling Revision