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Week 10

 Although we don't have too many visitors at the moment, we still think it is important to put our best work up all around the school. This half term, there is a focus on English. Early Years have been writing some onomatopoeia words to describe the fireworks they saw.

Year 2 wrote some Non-Chronological Reports about animals.

Year 1 were able to showcase their finesse at capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! Great work, Year 1.

Year 3 have made some fabulous Newspaper Reports based on The Three Little Pigs, many of which gave some journalistic bias towards the wolf! 

Year 5 have dazzled with their retelling of Viking Tales - some even extending to novella-sized proportions!

I had to also put in some wonderful examples of artwork by the fabulous Year 5 pupils. 

Oh, and also a young man in Reception class who created his own reflected pattern using 3D shapes, and a couple of up-and-coming young journalists who are destined for a future career in the broadsheets very soon.