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14th May 2021

 The Dining Room is reopen!! This may seem like such a small thing, but for our Reception children, they have have never eaten in there before. So we thought that we would give then the Dining Room all to themselves for Monday and Tuesday. Word quickly got around, and by Wednesday Year 1 got involved. By Thursday and Friday Year 2 joined in the fun as well. The sound of children eating together is another thing that we took for granted pre-March 2020, but we welcomed it with open arms!

 In other news... 3 authors from Nursery wowed with their latest efforts. 

 - The entries to the Panini Football Classroom Challenge have been scanned and sent in. Fingers crossed. 

- A Year 2, that's right - Year 2, pupil was sent to me to inform me of how photosynthesis helps plants grow. 

- Year 3 have been learning about Ramadan, and created these wonderful designs. 

- A Year 5 child painted this beautiful water colour picture in the style of artist Georgia O'Keefe. 

 Finally, as part of our 70th Anniversary, I have pooled together some archived photographs, and some that have been sent to me. As restrictions have been eased, feel free to come in to the reception area and have a look! You may even spot a younger version of yourself in some of the photos, or even learn a bit of history that you did not previously know. 

If you do have any pictures/ stories/ information that you think we'd find useful, then please send them to