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Week 4: Autumn is Coming..

 There was a multitude of learning that occurred at St Meryl this week. The more the week went on, the more children came to see me (in a socially distanced environment) with some of their fabulous work. I saw portraits. I heard singing from down the hallway. A young man demonstrated his computer programming skills to his class (and myself, via a video link). We could even hand out the tidiest cloakroom award (well done, Year 5!) and the attendance award (super job, Year 3!). Slowly, things are getting back to normal - even the weather is starting to feel a bit more "late Septemberish". 

 We continue to be very proud of the way that children are staying in their bubbles and frequently washing their hands. I often forget how drastically different school life is at the moment - yet the happy, positive, calm St Meryl spirit is still there for all of us to see. Stay this way please, everyone!