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Book Week

 Happy Book Week, St Meryl! Usually when we do Book Week at school, most people come as fictional characters, and lots of teachers read fictional stories to the children. this year, we decided to set ourselves an extra challenge. Using the book "The Street Beneath My Feet" as a stimulus, teachers created all of their activities based around non-fiction texts, and during our Read-Around on Thursday, teachers shared their favourite non-fiction texts to pupils. Thursday also saw the pupils dressing up as non-fiction characters - a real challenge for some people! Many thanks to the parents who toiled with assisting your children into some wonderful attires! 

Other highlights - Nursery went exploring in the woods, and were archaeologists. Some dug up bricks "from ancient houses", and some found rocks that may or may not be dinosaur eggs (they are still being analysed by palaeontologists). 

- Year 1 stunned the audience with an all singing, all dancing extravaganza. They also showed their Maths, English, Spanish and Geography skills. As I said to the audience on Thursday, I have seen a lot of things in my time, but never have I seen Darth Vader give a weather forecast. Well done, Year 1 - you were Superstars!