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Week 11... Something's Coming..

 This week, it was the turn of Early Years and Key Stage 1 to share their work. 

Nursery and Reception made divas as part of their learning about Diwali. They all enjoyed the experience, especially the "squishiness" of the clay, but also adding some fabulous sparkle to their creations. 

 Year 1 made some advent candles that were so good that Miss Radha stuck them not on the wall, but on the windows! When the sun shines through them it will produce a lovely effect. 

 Year 2 resembled Henson studios with their puppet creations, all hand sewed - such a difficult skill to learn, but one done so well! They were invited to mend their Head Teacher's socks this morning, but so far there have been no takers. 

Other highlights of the week: 

 - An imaginative Wanted Poster from a young man about a two-headed beast known as the Ashereus (golden chain required to defeat it, please). 

- A newspaper article concerning the sighting of skeletons in the whereabouts of the Co-Op. The journalist who reported these events is optimistic, however: ("If we don't give up, then we will defeat the skeletons like a tiger catching a gazelle").

- Year 5 have made greeting cards, including free-written poems that will be delivered to a care home next week. What a lovely gesture. 

 To finish the week, St Meryl, I had 2 visitors come to my office. They gave me a very special gift. I don't want to be speak out of turn, but maybe, just maybe Christmas isn't cancelled after all!