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Week 5

 Sunday 4th October is National Poetry, so (deep breath) here goes: 


Year 4 have been scientists of late,

Checking if gas had any weight, 

They measured fizzy drinks galore, 

When drinks had bubbles - they weighed more!


Year 1 are writing quicker and quicker,

Two children even got Head Teacher stickers,

And what did I hear at lunch today?

The deafening sounds of YMCA. 


Year 6 have turned their hand to paint,

With water colours - oh, how quaint!

Year 3's DT (those clever kids), 

Made 3D shapes and pyramids.


And even in these strange, strange days, 

We all made things for Maths displays.


Yes - in these times of this pandemic,

We'll still be proudly academic.

Even with impending peril,

We'll stay strong 'cos we're St Meryl!


(mic drop)