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Week 7

 St Meryl were scientists, artists, mathematicians, authors and eye ball creators (!) this week. 

 Staring in Year 6 - studying the human eye, pupils were able to tell the functions of different parts, and then even their own eyeballs using salad pots (without the salad in them), and other recycled materials. 

  Year 5 came up with inventive ways of streamlining their water vessels so that they could cut through the course created in a water tray (gratefully borrowed from Early Years).

 Year 4 have been a creative bunch this week - yet again producing artwork that stunned me. Some excellent, excellent work. 

 Year 3 can now confidently comment on capacity! A very tricky concept to learn. I will be around next week to see if you can remember it, Year 3!

 Year 2 have been superstars both at school, and at home - the story maps I saw this afternoon were so imaginative! 

 Year 1 were also amazing artists - it was such a peaceful atmosphere when I walked past that I really wanted to join in! (I couldn't, though. Thanks, COVID-19.)

 Finally, Early Years were out and about, solving problems, working hard and learning to take turns! 

 Thanks for all your hard work this week, St Meryl!